FMB 440

FMB 440

FMB 440
  • The FBM ŠMERAL 440 forming machine is a bottom-drive hydraulic machine for fi ne blanking.
  • As opposed to regular cutting, two additional forces (retainers) are involved. This results in high-quality cutting and precise
  • Components that have a high waste ratio and require many fi nishing operations, such as reaming, grinding, or broaching
    are good candidates for precision cutting.
  • Parts produced are used in all areas of working and private life: household appliances, automotive equipment, structural
    groups and instruments, machines using drive equipment, etc.
  • High productivity and fl exibility.
  • A highly rigid frame.
  • Force is exerted independently of displacement position.
  • An ergonomically-located control panel on a rotary console.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Ram speed regulation, ram movement reversal.
  • The ram’s working stroke can be regulated.
  • Octagonal sliding guiding.
  • Automatic overload protection.
  • A safety switch for stopping the cutting process and returning the ram to its initial position.
  • Precise lubrication to optimise fi ne blanking and increase cost effi ciency.
  • A tool clamping system for quick tool exchange.


FMB 440
Nominal force kN 4400
Shearing force kN 1400-4100
Thrust holder force kN 200-2000
Counter-holder force kN 100-1000
Stroke length mm 150-230
Number of strokes min-1 30
Machine weight kg 25 000
Sheet metal width mm 8-300
Thickness mm 1-7


FMB 440
FMB 440
FMB 440
FMB 440
FMB 440
FMB 440



  • Smooth cutting surfaces without tearing or rupturing, without the necessity of further treatment, which can be assembled
  • High precision of dimensions, fl atness and shape.
  • Consistent dimensions throughout the entire production run.
  • Quicker than regular production = up to 80% cost savings.
  • Without cutting “shock” with less noise and vibrations.
  • Fewer production steps during the cutting process and the combined cutting and shaping process.


  • Fine blanking requires the use of three forces: the shearing force, the retaining force, and the ejecting force.
  • Each of the three movements of the press can be controlled separately.
  • The material is clamped between the clipping punch, ejector, blanking die, and retainer with thrust edge.
  • The thrust edge penetrates the material before cutting starts, facilitating the creation of a high-quality cutting surface.
  • The component is cut while remaining fi rmly clamped on both sides between the clipping punch and the ejector. This leads to a higher-quality cut.
  • The tool opens and simultaneously the cut piece clamped between the clipping punch and the ejector is released.
  • The thrust plate removes the material from the clipping punch.
  • The ejector ejects the stamping (including waste) from the blanking die; it is after that removed from the work area, usually using compressed air, sometimes by a mechanical arm (remover for pressed pieces).


  • „O“ shape welded sheet metal frame is heat-treated to eliminate stress within the material.
  • The frame is designed in order to have minimal deformation at the nominal force to allow off -centre loading within the entire of regular forging processes.


  • Drive of this type of machine is secured by a pump that brings the pressurised working fl uid into the press’ hydraulic cylinders – the main working cylinder, two rapid-lifting cylinders, and holders.


  • Automatic independent oil lubrication circulation system of guiding laths of the ram, adjustment nut, gearweel, and pinion adjustment, with progressive distributors, equipped with a checking system and protection system.


  • Divided ram - the lower pulling ram (shearing force) and the upper holding ram (thrust force).


  • Serves for holding of the edges of the drawn sheet metal during the pulling and prevents their corrugation.
  • A forging from one piece of cast steel alloy.
  • The ram has standardised T-grooves for a attaching of fi xed part of the tool.


  • Fixes the moving part of the working tool and transfers the force from the hydraulic cylinder to the moulded material.
  • A forging from one piece of cast steel alloy.
  • The ram guiding is octagonal to achieve highly fi ne cuttings.
  • The lower surface of the ram is fi tted with a guide plate with an octagonal guiding and a plate for clamping the tools.
  • The ram has standardised T-grooves for fi xing the moving part of the tool.
  • The ram is fi tted with an adjustment stopper nut that serves to adjust the stroke.
  • The adjustment nut is moved using an electromotor with a gearbox.


  • The lower holder is used when manufacturing technologically precise pressings.
  • Hydraulic drive.


  • Adjustable.
  • Nut with a stopper.
  • Software control.


  • The two rapid-lifting cylinders serve as the ram’s quick approach to the pressing area.


  • Ergonomic placement of control panel on the rotary console.
  • SIEMENS S7 - 300F or S7 - 1500F control system.
  • SIEMENS TP1200 (12“ colour) or IPC677D operator panel.
  • Remote administration via internet modem.
  • Data archiving from detectors, sensors.
  • Schneider Electric or SIEMENS switchboard instrumentation.
  • Automatic ram off set with admeasurement.
  • Possibility of proportional control of holder pressure.
  • Electrohydraulic tool clamping.
  • Possibility of equipment with semi-fi nished product position checking or semi-fi nished product drop checking in the tool.
  • Possibility of expanding the electrical equipment for automatic forming lines.

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