• The FBM ŠMERAL 440 forming machine is a bottom-drive hydraulic machine for fi ne blanking.
  • As opposed to regular cutting, two additional forces (retainers) are involved. This results in high-quality cutting and precise
  • Components that have a high waste ratio and require many fi nishing operations, such as reaming, grinding, or broaching
    are good candidates for precision cutting.
  • Parts produced are used in all areas of working and private life: household appliances, automotive equipment, structural
    groups and instruments, machines using drive equipment, etc.


FMB 440
Nominal force kN 4400
Shearing force kN 1400-4100
Thrust holder force kN 200-2000
Counter-holder force kN 100-1000
Stroke length mm 150-230
Number of strokes min-1 30
Machine weight kg 25 000
Sheet metal width mm 8-300
Thickness mm 1-7