LZK 4000 B

LZK 4000 B

LZK 4000 B

Vertical forging presses are used for production of precise die forgings with utilization in the automotive industry, for hot and semi-hot forging with forming forces of 10-65 MN, with high stiffness and extensive diagnostics, including modern, precise and solid fixtures and other comprehensive equipment.

LZK  is mechanical vertical crank one-point press with upper drive and with placing of main shaft in frame in direction from front to back (crosswise to the direction of technological process of forging).


LZK 1000 P/SH LZK 1600 P/SH LZK 2500 P/SH LZK 3150 B LZK 4000 B LZK 5000 LZK 6500
Nominal forming force kN 10000 16000 25000 31500 40000 55000 65000
Shut height mm 620 760 905 1000 1000 1100 1150
Passage mm 1040 1230 1410 1580 1580 1670 2100
Bad area mm 1000x950 1180x1120 1340x1400 1520x1520 1520x1600 1710x1710 1950x1900
Ram area mm 968x750 1138x920 1320x1100 1450x1450 1470x1500 1540x1650 1900x1700
Ram adjustment mm 10 10 10 20 20 20 15
Ram stroke/Number of strokes mm/min-1 220 280/85 320/65 360/65 380/60 400/55 450/40
Electro-engine output kW 55 75 130 175 200 330 420
Machine dimensions l*w*h m 2,0*2,6*4,6 2,0*3,0*5,5 3,8*4,0*6,7 6,5*4,6*4,3 4,6*4,7*7,6 7,8*5,9*4,9 7,7*7,3*6,3
Přestavování beranu - ruční ruční ruční hydraulické hydraulické
Uvolňování beranu - ručním hydraulickým čerpadlem a hydraulickým pístem ručním hydraulickým čerpadlem a hydraulickým pístem ručním hydraulickým čerpadlem a hydraulickým pístem hydraulické hydraulické

S - provedení se svařovaným stojanem
H - hydraulické přestavení a uvolnění beranu


LZK 4000 B
LZK 4000 B
LZK 4000 B
LZK 4000 B
LZK 4000 B


Frame is casting from one piece of casting steel, it is thermaly treated for eliminating of the material tension. His firm box design does not ask for using of anchors. Ram is casting from one piece of alloyd steel for castings. The leading of ram in laths of the frame has shape „O“. Ram adjustment is driven by a hydraulical mechanism and i tis controlled by buttons from controlling panel. Countershaft is placed in the upper part of the frame on the right side in the sliding bearings. Countershaft is placed in upper part of the frame on right side in sliding bearings. The press is equipped by multi-plate frictional clutch, which is controlled by electropneumatical valve. The press is equipped by multi-plate frictional brake also, which is controlled by electropneumatical valve. Used frictional material is asbestosless. The press is equipped with upper pneumatic and lower hydraulic ejectors. Power of the lower hydraulic ejector is 800 kN with stroke 60 mm. The lower hydraulic ejector conducts 5 stroke per minute with maximal power. Power of the upper pneumatic ejector is 130 kN with stroke 50 mm. Basic span of pegs of both ejectors is 380 mm. The press is equipped with an automatical independent oil circulatory lubricating system of sliding bearings of crank mechanism and with an automatical independent fatty lubricating system of laths of ram guiding and of die holder. Hydraulic system of the press is utilized only for ram adjustment. Pneumatical system of the press works with the air pressure from the distribution system of the forging plant.


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