Crank presses are mechanical two-point drawing presses with a nominal forming force of 2.5 MN, with frames of "O" shape (LKT) or "C" shape (LDC) with large tables and rams. Presses can be equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic tensile holding means. They are designed for all operations of forming of metal strips, metal sheets or coils (precision cutting, bending, space drawing - eg. Production of sinks, gas cabinets, stoves, refrigerators, radiators) and also for progressive forming of small parts.

Stojan „O“ stojan „C“ stojan


LKT 250 A
Pressing Force kN 2500
Shut height mm 760
Passage mm 1600
Bed Area mm 1600x1200
Ram Area mm 1560x990
Ram adjustment mm 125
Stroke / Number of Strokes min-1 250/25
Total installed Output kW 36
Machine simensions h*w*d m 3,3*1,4*2,5


LDC 160 LDC 250 LDC 400
Pressing Force kN 1600 2500 4000
Shut height mm 500 550 420
Passage mm 1600 2000 2000
Bed Area mm 2000x780 2450x880 2450x880
Ram Area mm 1550x630 1990x700 2200x700
Ram adjustment mm 100 120 90
Stroke / Number of Strokes min-1 160/45 200/38 200/32
Total installed Output kW 17,5 35 45
Machine simensions h*w*d m 3,6*2,4*2,3 4,0*2,9*2,7 4,0*3,0*3,0