LMZ 1000 A/S

Vertical forging presses are used for production of precise die forgings with utilization in the automotive industry, for hot and semi-hot forging with forming forces of 10-65 MN, with high stiffness and extensive diagnostics, including modern, precise and solid fixtures and other comprehensive equipment.

The press LMZ is mechanical vertical single-point press with upper drive and with placing of main shaft at a frame in direction front to rear (crosswise to the direction of technolgical process of forging). Ram guiding has shape „X“, what increases accuracy of forging pieces. The press is determined for hot work. An operator launchs a stroke by foot switch. A tipping serves for adjustment of tools. The tipping is slow move of the ram with possibility of his stopping whenever during the stroke.



LMZ 1000 A/S LMZ 1600 A/S LMZ 2500 LMZ 4000 LMZ 6500
Nominal forming force kN 10000 16000 25000 40000 65000
Shut height mm 660 800 910 1100 1380
Passage mm 1120 1290 1470 1850 2300
Bad area mm 1080x950 1240x1150 1420x1400 1800x1700 2200x2000
Ram area mm 1010x850 1160x1035 1350x1250 1550x1700 2100x1890
Ram adjustment mm 10 10 10 20 20
Ram stroke/Number of strokes mm/min-1 220/100 270/85 320/70 380/60 480/45
Electro-engine output kW 55 75 130 200 400
Machine dimensions l*w*h m 2,3*3,0*4,9 3,2*3,7*5,8 3,8*4,2*3,7 5,9*5,9*7,0 7,0*5,9*8,8


Frame is produced from steel casting and it is warmly processed for removal of material tension. The frame does not need anchors. Ram is casting from alloyed steel. An eccentric peg of ram serves for ram adjustment. The mechanism of the ram adjustment is driven by hydraulic mechanism and it is controlled by buttons from a controlling panel. The eccentrical mechanism is used for releasing of the ram in eventual jamming in lower dead point also. Pneumatical ram balancing prevents the crank mechanism from hard beats and it extends life expectancy of the mechanism. The press is driven by asynchronous electromotor with frequency changer. The clutch is equipped with frictional discs and it is by electropneumatical valve. The brake is equipped with frictional discs and it is controlled by a pole connected with a piston of the clutch. The brake is cooled down by a watter fed from water-supply of a forging plant. Used friction material does not include asbestos. A lower ejector is pneumatical with firm stroke 50 mm. The maximal force is 50 kN. An upper ejector is pneumatical also. An automatical oil system serves for lubrication of the sliding bearings of the crank mechanism. An automatical independent fat system serves for lubrication of guiding gibs. Lubrication of clutch bearings, of rotating air inlet and other places is conducted manually. Pneumatical system works with air pressure from a distribution system of the forging plant. Hydraulic system is utilized only in mode of adjusting, for ram adjustment and ram loosening and for assembly and maintenance. Thermal sensors are placed in the sliding bearings of the crank mechanism, in winding of the main electromotor of the drive and in the brake discs. When actual temperature achieves a set limit, it is prevented from press operating. The failure is signalized and it is put into the memory of the control system. The press will be equipped with a corresponding CE certification for hot work.


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